Apr 062008

After a year devoid of transparency in CSU administration, the Collegian maintains that students need a student government that will build direct lines of communication between the higher rungs of administration and the student body.

Zane Guilfoyle and Seth Walter have the experience within the Associated Students of CSU, the Student Fee Review Board and other student organizations to advocate effectively for reasonable tuition increases, increase diversity in student organizations and address a slew of other troubling issues students across the state of Colorado are dealing with.

Not to mention, they have shown that they have the brains and the guts to ask hard-hitting questions to administration when they think students are being duped.

ASCSU has no power to actually implement policy at the university, except within its organization. So all they can do is make suggestions to university officials as to what they think is best. And higher education funding in Colorado is pretty dismal.

Our candidates can work around this problem.

Guilfoyle and Walter know the issues facing the state, and their two years apiece in student government has made them familiar with why student leaders say the dismal state of education is “bankrupting students.”

They have shown their support and dedication for CSU students multiple times this semester at the Capitol, schmoozing state legislators to pay attention to students.

While we like the ideas put on the table by the other candidates, we think Guilfoyle and Walter have their stuff together.

Go to RAMweb and cast your vote today.

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