Apr 062008
Authors: Sean Reed

Nick and Andrew supporter:

Renee Badertscher is a freshman art history and international studies major and a supporter of Associated Students of CSU presidential and vice-presidential candidates Nick Powers and Andrew Katers. Here is why she said you should support them, too.

Q: What do you think are the most important issues facing ASCSU this year?

A: Obviously tuition is a big deal, because tuition costs are constantly rising. So, it is good for a candidate to talk about ideas revolving around that cost.

Another important thing is getting ASCSU out to the regular students. Because in all honesty, I had no idea what this (organization) even did before I started investigating and having people tell me. It doesn’t really seem to play a big role the campus — it’s more in the shadows. And I think when people address bringing it out of the shadows and bringing it to the students, I think that’s really a good idea.

Q: Why should CSU vote Nick and Andrew this week?

A: For one thing, they will get the job done. It’s part of the trust I have for them. And, most of all, it’s about your views and how you think things should be taken care of. So if you believe that their ideas are good — what they have planned in terms of tuition, in terms of keeping the campus green — then vote for them because they share your ideals, or at least as many as they possibly can. It’s not really a ‘why should you vote for them,’ it’s ‘if you agree with them and if you think that their ideas make sense’ then please do vote for them.

Taylor and Quinn supporter:

Taylor Smoot and Quinn Girrens supporter Morgan Davis, a junior mechanical engineering major, took a few moments out of her day to give us the skinny on why Smoot and Girrens’ campaign is the one to follow this election season.

Q: What are the most important issues facing ASCSU this upcoming year?

A: I think student fees and tuition just because . students are very misinformed as to where their student fees are going. So, transparency as far as student fees. Tuition dollars, of course, are a huge deal because a lot of people are paying on their own. I think those are two huge issues.

Q: Why should ASCSU vote for Taylor and Quinn?

A: I think they are the best people for the job. I think they have a great amount of experience, and I think they’re coming at it from different views. I think that Quinn’s coming from out of state — especially with tuition dollars — is an advantage, whereas Taylor can offer the in-stater perspective.

They both have huge networking connections, which I feel is a really big deal, too. I like they their platform — it concerns students.

Jarred and Estevan supporter:

Alisha Zellner, a junior psychology and sociology double major, says Jarred Quintana and Estevan Jaimes are best suited to lead ASCSU.

Q: What are the most important issues facing ASCSU this upcoming year?

A: I’ve never been an extremely political person, but I don’t feel that ASCSU is really the student voice right now. I feel like they just go in there, kind of do what they want to do on their own time and then hope that it benefits the students. I think there needs to be a complete remake of what ASCSU is and we need to start from the ground up with a brand new foundation, with a brand new team and hopefully start making progress, not only what ASCSU does as a government, but also what ASCSU does for students.

Q: Why should CSU vote for Jarred and Estevan?

A: That’s a really great question, and personally I think all the candidates are really awesome, but there’s a special spark that Jarred and Estevan have. It’s the fact that people do a lot of talking, but they forget to do their walking. Jarred and Estevan have been involved in so many different areas around Colorado State University, that they have the resources to get what they’re talking about done. And so I’m really excited if they get voted in because not only can they say that they want to make the university more transparent, our student fees more transparent, and ASCSU more transparent, but they know the people and the stuff to get it there.

Zane and Seth supporter:

Carie Cooney, a junior English major, says Zane Guilfoyle and Seth Walters are the men for the ASCSU helm next year.

Q: What are the most important issues facing ASCSU this upcoming year?

A: I think ASCSU really needs to make its presence known on campus. They do a lot on campus, but a lot of people don’t know what they do or how they do it, so I think ASCSU needs to opens its doors to the student body and reach out to the student body and make sure that what they are doing is clear and transparent, and that all the work they do for the student body is known by the student body.

Q: Why should CSU vote for Zane and Seth?

A: Zane and Seth should be voted for because they are really pushing the idea of servant leadership on campus. They really want to be involved. They don’t just want to be elected and then shut the door and lock themselves in their office. They have great plans and a great platform and their campaign has been really strong in getting involved with student organizations and student groups. Zane and Seth should also be elected because they are really familiar with the

(Student Fee) Review Board, so they know what the problems are, and they know how they can address them to make them better.

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