Apr 032008

Dear Mr. Hemenway,

Perhaps Tom really did strike it rich after “Office Space,” because you seem to be one of only a few people I know who owns a “jump to conclusions mat.”

I see no crime with Academic Village wanting to conserve water. I could not wash my car or engage in summer fun with my Slip’n’Slide for much of my adolescent life due to a drought and water restrictions.

The $3 million extra it would take for the Green Power Project may just be a necessary investment in alternative energy and a cleaner world, something I would like to see happen before a parking garage.

Thank you for opening my eyes to the fact that athletic directors cost $3 million. It really makes me think about the athletic department’s record this year and where my money goes.

Your taxes will be spent on whatever the government says they will be spent on, whether it’s nuclear power for our beloved future or the corn-based ethanol you love so much.

Your taxes will also pay for the $400,000 salary of your soon-to-be President Barack Obama, so I’d stop complaining.

Welcome to America.

Nicholas Miehe

Freshman, Political Science

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