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Authors: Aaron Kelly

Katie Herzig, a guitarist, songwriter and singer who began her career in Fort Collins, will return to her home town for a CD release show Friday night at Everyday Joe’s in downtown.

Her songs have been played on shows such as “Grey’s Anatomy,” “E.R.” and “Smallville.” Although she is currently living in Nashville, Herzig said that the majority of her fan base still lies in Colorado.

“Apple tree,” the title of Herzig’s new album, has a significant meaning to the artist.

“Picking the title for this album was hard. It dawned on me that I mentioned ‘apple tree’ in three of my songs,” Herzig told the Collegian Wednesday. “It really embodied the album.”

Born in California and moving to Fort Collins when she was one, she attended Rocky Mountain High school and had nothing but good things to say about where she grew up.

“Fort Collins is a good size town,” Herzig said. “I mean the mountains, the university, it is truly a great place to grow up.”

Herzig realized that she loved music at a young age.

“When I was younger I always used to watch and make music videos. Growing up, I was always a part of choirs, bands and orchestras,” she said.

But it was her senior year of high school when she received a present from her father that really encompassed her passion.

“My dad gave me an acoustic guitar my senior year, and when I went off to college I found myself surrounded by people who loved music as much as me.”

A diverse list of people has contributed to Herzig’s career as a musician, she said, inspiring her creativity.

“I started listening to Shawn Colvin and Patty Griffin, and then I ended up listening to more bands,” she said. “But I love all types of music pop, folk, etcetera.”

Despite being a solo artist, the roots of Herzig’s musical career were in a band – called Newcomers Home – that she was a part of for eight years while attending the CU-Boulder.

Although Everyday Joe’s is Herzig’s favorite Fort Collins venue, she has played at several others including the Aggie and the Lincoln Center.

Performing in front of a packed house can still be nerve racking, she said, but it’s manageable.

“At first when I would perform I was really nervous, but over the years I got better and learned how to cope with it. It’s sort of a natural progression,” she said.

Even though it would seem obvious Herzig’s calling is music, if she didn’t pick up the guitar, her work might have been seen in print or on T.V.

“I was a journalism major in college and if I wasn’t doing music I could see myself writing fiction, doing documentary film or alternative medicine healing,” she said.

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