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Authors: Cece Wildeman

Three fraternity houses were vandalized during spring break, one of them was egged three nights in a row and had a sign pulled from the front yard.

There are no suspects, Mike Rager, president of the IFC, told the Collegian Thursday.

While members of the Greek community often play practical jokes on each other, the IFC does not think the vandalism was done by anyone involved in Greek Life.

“This is going beyond pranks,” Rager said. “It’s property damage and just really disrespectful acts.”

The Sigma Phi Epsilon house had their sign pulled from the front lawn by a vehicle and the Pi Kappa Phi and Tau Kappa Epsilon houses were both egged.

Michael Fritz Oettinger, president of Sigma Phi Epsilon said they have no idea who vandalized the house and they have not had anything similar happen in the past, other than a vagabond break-in over winter break.

After the sign was pulled from the lawn, the police got involved and have been handling it ever since, he said.

The Pi Kappa Phi house and some of the cars parked in front of it were egged three nights in a row at the end of spring break.

James Frederick, president of the fraternity, said a few members who were in the house at the time saw the vandals, a group of men, get into two separate vehicles and drive away after egging the house.

The Tau Kappa Epsilon house was also egged over the break.

They and Pi Kappa Phi decided the act was nothing police needed to get involved in, and they both said they have not pursued investigating the matter further.

“If this was something outside of the Greek community, it would be out of misconception,” said Randy Hammond, president of Tau Kappa Epsilon. “Usually people have opinions about us and they’re not right.”

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