Apr 022008
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Lets face it. We’re not all cowboys.

The closest most of us have probably come to a rodeo is slurring the words of the Garth Brook’s song after a long Tuesday night at the Sundance.

And the only thing you ’rounded-up’ was Ram Ride.

But in reality, Fort Collins is home to a full-scale, traditional agricultural scene, right down to the Wranglers with no breathing room.

The Ag school here at CSU is no exception.

Many students will participate in a rodeo this weekend, as part of the CSU club sport.

The rodeo will feature all the necessities- from bull riding to chewing tobacco- and everything in between.

And although none of us on the Collegian editorial board would consider ourselves traditional Aggies, we support these students in embracing and continuing a culture that was here long before Starbucks and iPhones- a culture with traditions, values and good old-fashioned Budweiser.

Fort Collins and CSU’s history is rooted in this tradition, and we commend those involved in this weekend’s event for not letting it die.

And being able to stare a bull in the face. Pretty hardcore.

If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, and your friend of a friend’s kegger falls through, support your fellow students and hit up the rodeo.

You might just see some CSU athletes who actually win.

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