Mar 312008

Only one proposal for change to the current structure of Student Media has been submitted to the Collegian Advisory Committee — the group charged with reviewing any bids for a “strategic partnerships” with the Collegian.

The proposal, the Collegian learned Monday, came from Student Media director Jeff Browne, the only person who really knows how this gig runs.

Now, this is good news for students who want an independent student media free from corporate pressure, but we’re praying CSU President Larry Penley doesn’t plan to pull another fast one. He wanted proposals; he got one before the deadline. And from what we hear, it’s comprehensive.

If this group carries any weight in it’s recommendation to Penley, it’s unlikely that the Collegian could be sold, but a drastic change — good or bad — looms over Student Media. We hope they make the right decisions, for the right reasons.

Remember, this group was originally formed to review a proposal from media giant Gannett and any other corporations interested in “a strategic partnership,” as coined by Penley in January. But after talking with Gannett officials, the Collegian found the group was formed after CSU turned down talks of a sale of the Collegian — not a partnership — to Gannett. So why is this nebulous advisory board in existence?

Your guess is as good as ours, but we’re playing along. Gannett and any other media conglomerate appear to be ineligible to submit any proposal, so it seems the group is a tiny step in a process to remove the university from any perceived liability, not sell off the Collegian.

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