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Authors: Heidi Reitmeier

After four years of study, most CSU students are proving to be successful in their job search after graduating in spite of indications of an economic recession.

“The economy is on very shaky ground right now,” Martin Shields, a CSU regional economics associate professor, said. “Problems with the credit and housing markets and diminishing consumer confidence are the main culprits.”

Additionally, college students in Colorado are more likely to find work in the state. The national unemployment rate, which has remained unchanged since January 2008, currently stands at 4.9 percent. In comparison, Colorado’s unemployment rate currently lies at a 4.2 rate, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

“Colorado continues to display modest employment gains in the face of a national economy seemingly on the verge of contraction,” Donald J. Mares, executive director of the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, said in a press release earlier this month.

The Colorado Department of Labor and Employment released projections of employment from 2006 to 2008 earlier this month. According to its findings, employment will increase in healthcare, education and agricultural industries in 2008, whereas fewer jobs will be available in construction and manufacturing industries.

“Construction is slowing down because people have over-extended their credit,” Brett Beal, CSU Career Center’s associate director for employee relations, said. “However, CSU has not seen a significant downfall in job placement across the board.”

Edward Doyle, a senior accounting major, has found resources provided by the CSU Career Center helpful in preparing for his first job after graduating.

“I use CareerRAM to help build my resume,” Doyle said. “But it’s still an ongoing search.”

Beal stresses starting the job search early.

“It typically takes anywhere from two to nine months to get your first job out of college,” Beal said. “Try to start searching for jobs in the fall of your senior year.”

Beal also advises students to be flexible with their first job out of college.

“Your first job out of college is not your last job,” she said. “Find things that are interesting to you and develop your skills.”

However, some students say searching for jobs has been far from a smooth process.

“Internships that I have been looking at, you have to have experience,” Candace Fairchild, a senior history major, said. “But, how can I get experience if I don’t get an internship?”

“Looking for the job is the hardest part,” Derek Lowstuter, a senior natural resources management major, said. “Getting the job was the easy part.”

In spite of doubts from students, Shields said CSU graduates will likely find what they’re looking in the job market, though it might not come to them right away.

“I am confident that CSU graduates will find opportunities when they finish here,” he said. “It may take a little while longer. (Students) may need to expand their job search to include more parts of the country.”

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