Mar 302008

The recording industry is dying. It has been for quite some time as the rise in new media technology continues to insert itself into people’s lives.

The ease of obtaining music and other media files from the Internet, legally and otherwise, allows people an easy method of obtaining cheap music — they don’t even have to leave their computer chair.

This is causing local businesses to fold up or go up for sale, in turn putting their owners back into the job market. Which, because of CSU’s presence in Fort Collins, is probably not the least competitive for undergraduate entrepreneurs just trying to make it.

Industry experts say this is partly because the recording industry refuses to reduce their CD prices to reasonable amounts — and they’re right.

But that doesn’t leave people like college students unaccountable for a dying industry that has brought our age bracket an insurmountable amount of joy and good times.

We at the Collegian dislike paying more money for entertainment — well, anything for that matter — as much as the next student. But the recording industry will not survive if we don’t do our part and throw a little money into circulation for the everyday Joe who owns the CD shop on the corner.

We encourage students to pick the habit of buying CDs back up and support the underground market instead of spending hours on iTunes downloading songs for 99 cents a pop.

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