Mar 302008
Authors: Sean Reed, Laurel Berch

Editor’s note: the views expressed in this Q&A are solely those of the participant and not necessarily reflective of the views of the Associated Students of CSU.

ASCSU Vice President Trevor Trout, a senior business major, took a fewa moments to give the Collegian the scoop on why the Athletic Department’s fee increase request, while a break in procedure, may have some merit.

Q: Do you support the Athletics Department’s request for a fee increase?

A: I personally, as a student do not support [the fee increase] without having heard yet Paul [Kowalczyk’s] budget presentation the full fee amount. I do not support an endorsement of no fee increase.

However I do not support the full fee increase at this time because there’s really been a lack, in the past three years, of athletic transparency [and] of course athletic performance. There’s been a lack of student focus just out of the campus and student leadership and there’s, again this year, an incredibly inappropriate athletics and central administration has made this fee increase. And eventually my goal is to see Athletics become self-sustaining and actually be able to give back to the university, which requires a certain level of investment from students through either tuition or fees, but there needs to be a substantial effort to really be inclusive of student opinion within that ramp up.

Q: You referred to a lack of athletic transparency. What has been the problem of communication between Athletics and student government?

A: You know, I think its incredibly indicative if you look at past fee legislation … there’s examples of transparency being an issue.

It’s funny because, if you look at some, of the fee legislation from 1984 on transparency has been an issue for a long time — since the Student Fee Review Board’s inception.

This year is especially difficult because as you have contractual obligations to pay the new coaching salaries that Athletics promised, students realized there is a need to finance athletics and naturally that required a tuition increase and to be honest we were never encompassed in that discussion of what would be the most appropriate way to finance athletics — through tuition or fees.

Amanda Huisman, a sophomore construction management major, was kind enough to take a couple minutes out of her day to give the Collegian her perspective on the Athletic Department’s fee increase proposal.

Q: Do you support the CSU Athletics Department’s proposal for a fee increase?

A: I kind of do, but also I’m an out of state student so it’s a lot of money that I’m just going to have building up on my loans and stuff. I’m paying for school myself so that doesn’t help me at all.

Q: Would you support a lower increase?

A: Yeah, I would.

I definitely think $15 for a year would be better than a $15 for the semester, definitely. A lower amount would probably be best.

Q: Do you think it’s fair for Atheltics to propose their increase so late after deadline?

A: No, I don’t. I definitely think that they should have it in on time, so that way students know about it ahead of time and don’t get a spur of the moment “let’s raise the fees.” I do remember seeing that on the Collegian front page and we were all like, “no.”

Q: Do you think, given the Colorado’s poor funding of higher education that it is important to fund Athletics or should the money be going to academics?

A: It should definitely be going more toward education just because that’s what we are here for — to get a better education.

You’re not here to do sports . I’m not here to watch sports rather than take classes. I’m pretty sure that’s what most people are here for.

Q: Do you attend many Athletics events?

A: I attend a pretty good amount. Football games I definitely attend, and basketball and volleyball occasionally, but not as much as football.

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