Mar 272008

Paul Kowalczyk said he didn’t want to put a burden on students.

So nearly two months ago, when organizations and departments across campus wide were submitting proposals for student fee increases, the Athletics Department stayed notably silent.

In the wake of the high profile firings of former head football coach Sonny Lubick and women’s basketball coach Jen Warden — leaving Athletics with an additional $1.3 million in expenditures in order to pay out the rest of their contracts, on top of the cost of hiring new coaches — it seemed reasonable to assume they would need more money, but, Senior Vice Provost Tony Frank told the Student Fee Review Board that surpluses from years’ increases provided a cushion for the coming year.

But Tuesday, Athletics finally admitted that, maybe, they needed a little handout, but it wasn’t until Thursday that Associated Students of CSU Vice President Trevor Trout told the Collegian the exact amount — $15.

This, of course, is reasonable. If CSU Athletics wants to stay competitive, it needs coaches that produce a competitive team, and it needs the money to pay said coaches.

However, Trout indicated that, initially, Athletics had planned to get its additional needed funds from the “central fund,” which contrasts sharply with Frank’s earlier representation to the SFRB.

For those not familiar, this fund is composed of money from a variety of sources including funds from the state and private donations, but the bulk comes from tuition.

We hate to break it to Mr. Kowalczyk, but if his initial plans included taking money from the central fund, students were still bearing the brunt of the burden.

The financially starved Athletics program needs help, and that will likely fall on students, but CSU failed to remain transparent with student and ASCSU.

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