Mar 272008

Collegian editors,

How could you print that irresponsible article by Brian Lancaster in today’s paper? Not only does he encourage others to break traffic laws, he says that if he hit a cyclist the appropriate response would be to laugh. Not only that, what he says is blatantly untrue. Do you not have someone who edits articles? Do you not check facts? Obviously, not.

State law requires that cyclists not ride two abreast when doing so may impede others and must ride as far to the right as practicable. It also states that riding two abreast is always permitted when in a bike lane or path specifically designated for its use–contrary to what you said in your article. Here’s an excerpt of the Colorado Statute 42-4-1412, which governs bicycles on roadways.

(6)(a) Persons operating bicycles on roadways shall ride single file; except that riding no more than two abreast is permitted in the following circumstances:

(i)When riding two abreast will not impede the normal and reasonable movement of traffic; or

(ii)When riding on paths or parts of roadways set aside for the exclusive use of bicycles.

(b) Persons riding two abreast shall ride within a single lane.

I find it completely irresponsible that you would promote or encourage vehicular assault of cyclists. Having been assaulted by vehicles on three occasions in the last 20 years, and ending up in the hospital with head injuries on two of those occasions, I find your remarks to be offensive and uncalled for.

Just because you’d prefer to drive around town instead of riding a bike, don’t take it out on us cyclists. If you’re in such a hurry that you can’t pause one second to safely pass a fellow human being, then maybe you should leave earlier. And, oh by the way, a speed limit is not a suggestion. It is not a guide that you should be within 4-7 mph of. It is a speed LIMIT. It means that is the maximum allowed speed.

T. G. Taylor

Graduate student, technical communication

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