Ram Talk

Mar 252008

To the girls that followed the Pikes around in Haves, thanks for making CSU look trashy, I was almost ashamed to call myself a Ram because of you.

To the hot girls that have that feeling like someone is staring at them … there is.

To the girls that believe The Hills is real, its time to grow up, Peter Pan.

To the math genius from the article the other day, I have a few math classes I would like to donate to you.

Dear creeper in the library: I saw you looking at my pictures on facebook.

To the girl I talked to after our history class, I’m an idiot for not asking for your name. Forgive me; my heart stopped beating.

If student fees increase to give our athletics program more money, I’m transferring to CU.

To the guy who has that girl’s heart and vice versa: I hope that the power of RamTalk brings you two together.

To the girl in Chipotle on Monday,

I was about to come talk to you, but then your dad came in and scared me away. I am sorry.

All those free drinks in Vegas are starting to take a toll right about now.

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