Mar 252008
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

As student government elections begin to heat up, many students might begin to ask what is ASCSU and why should I vote? Students might be unfamiliar with the Associated Students of CSU because, frankly, they don’t know what the organization does (or they don’t read the Collegian).

While the Collegian respects the work of our student government, senators and the executive often fail to address real issues important to the student body.

It’s apparent as candidates for president campaign on the LSC Plaza armed only with bright colored T-shirts, bad 80s music and Frisbees with little discussion of key issues: the state’s higher education funding crisis, curriculum, fiscal responsibility, rising costs of tuition and textbooks, exploited adjunct faculty, a stagnation of hiring adjunct faculty . and the list goes on.

Instead, students must make their pick for ASCSU president and vice president on the basis of which had prettier T-shirts and the most candy.

Considering the recent questions raised regarding athletics’ late proposal for more student fees, CSU President Larry Penley’s attempts to hike tuition drastically and quietly last year, and his more recent meetings with Gannett to discuss a sale of your student newspaper, campus needs a leader who isn’t afraid to stand up for students.

The role of student government president should not be a popularity contest or remuneration for most time wasted in the ASCSU office.

It’s about what students need, and we need a representative ready to face a myriad of challenges and a president notorious for his disdain for student input.

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