Mar 242008

Getting tired of the daily drama of this year’s election?

Sure, it might be the most exciting race in the history of the United States, but sometimes the whining gets old. So it makes sense for us political junkies to turn our attention to the elections taking place right here: the Associated Students of CSU elections.

If you’re not in the know, ASCSU is your high school’s student council on steroids, complete with business attire and laminated place cards.

Even the most apathetic airhead should be able to tell by giant banners and sidewalk art that the ASCSU elections center on a race for president, and we’re looking forward to seeing this one unfold.

Presently, it’s a four-way race, featuring some regular faces around ASCSU and one ticket of unknowns coming straight from the student population. These people will not only be overlooking the whole of your student government, but will also be acting as the direct student voice to President Larry Penley. We need a strong voice to make sure we’re heard by the man who too often disregards the students — the men and women who pay his salary.

So keep your eyes to the Collegian for the story on this exciting race; we’ll provide you with the stories and profiles to keep you up-to-date on candidates and events. Attend the forums and debates, learn about your candidates and make an informed decision.

Enjoy the colorful scenery of the Plaza while its there — we’re sure any day now they’ll be shelling out some free candy.

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