Mar 232008
Authors: Aria Khosravi

My name is Aria Khosravi, and I am co-owner of Narghile Nights Hookah Lounge. Narghile Nights has been open for over two years, and we are very proud to be Northern Colorado’s premier smoking lounge.

I thank all the students who come to Narghile Nights. In the past, we hope we have provided an environment for you to smoke, study and party with your friends. I am writing this article to help ease peoples’ concerns and anxieties about the Collegian’s front-page article on March 10, titled “Hookahs Possibly Linked to Herpes.”

Let’s clarify a few facts about the subject.

The fact that the healthcare personnel at Hartshorn noticed that people with new cold sores were also at a hookah bar states a correlation. This cannot be confused with causation.

Saying that people are having new cases of herpes infections and they have recently been to a hookah bar is a correlation showing no cause and effect.

Any manner in which that statement was twisted into saying that people have been getting herpes because they have been to hookah bars is a false example of cause and effect.

We have no idea how they got it, and it is misleading to say otherwise.

Now, we understand that after people have read the first article and, despite our best efforts, may be hesitant about the spread of germs in our establishment.

Again, we have always used sterile mouthpieces and assure this is a clean, safe and fun establishment. In response to that, we will raise our efforts even more than we already have.

In addition to our stringent use of sterile disposable tips and hose cleaning protocols, we are going to use even stronger means by which to sanitize and thoroughly rinse each hookah hose, even though the only piece that should come into contact with the lips of people should be the sterile tip we provide.

Please be assured that we greatly appreciate our patrons and go to every length to prevent the spread of communicable diseases.

The staff and I look forward to seeing you in the future and providing you with more fun, memorable times.

Aria Khosravi is co-owner of Narghile Nights Hookah Lounge. Letters and feedback can be sent to

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