Mar 232008
Authors: Sean Reed

Bryon Moore is a senior technical journalism major and an active supporter of presidential candidate Barack Obama. Even though it was spring break, Byron was kind enough to take a couple minutes out of his busy schedule to let the Collegian know why other CSU students should support Sen. Obama, too.

Q: Why should CSU students support Barack Obama?

A: Barack Obama is really the only candidate that has proven that they take youth seriously. Not only has Obama spoken the most extensively about college students, but he has made us the cornerstone of his campaign. I believe that Obama is the only one who will offer our generation a seat at the table. If we’re going to address the problems that face students, we are going to need someone who will stand up to a bunch of old people who don’t really take us seriously.

Q: What issue(s) do you think are the most important this election season?

A: I think health care and the state of education are among the most important issues. Then, of course, the war in Iraq is at the top of the list. I want a resolution to the war that uplifts the Iraqi people, as well as a plan that ensures stability in the region. At the same time, it’s nice to talk about domestic policy again. We have a lot of challenges here at home that affect us all, despite our political affiliation. I want a president who will tackle these problems with the American spirit and tenacity we’ve been lacking for some time now.

Q: How did you first become interested in supporting Sen. Obama?

A: I felt that Barack Obama could be a great president after I read a TIME article from October, 2006. I listened to his speech at the 2004 Democratic national convention, and was sold the second he announced he was running.

Adesuwa Elaiho is a junior nutrition and food science major and has been active in campaigning for Sen. Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid. She, too, took a few moments out of her break to let students know why Hillary is the best choice for ’08.

Q: Why should CSU students support Hillary Clinton?

A: I don’t feel that I am in the place to tell anyone who they should support. I, like the majority of American citizens, want change in our government and in our country.

I support Hillary because I believe that she has the experience and skill to lead our struggling country through the distresses of today and tomorrow. Experience is key to getting a Democrat back in the White House, and I am not looking at Obama versus Clinton, but rather Obama versus McCain and Clinton versus McCain.

I personally believe that with the state of our country and the direction we are heading with the current administration, by the time the national election, occurs Americans will vote in desperation and demand change but will choose the safe road rather than choose a candidate whose political record can be considered risky.

Q: What issue(s) do you think are the most important this election season?

A: My mother serves in the United States Air Force and my brother-in-law is on active duty also and has been sent to Iraq twice; therefore, my major concern is the war.

I know many people will read this statement and say, “If you are against the war then why not Obama?” To that I say it is always easy to criticize a person’s choices when you were not in the position to have to make the same choice. I also am equally concerned with the economy, attaining energy independence and managing global warming.

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