Mar 132008
Authors: Collegian Editorail Staff

The break is finally upon us.

Midterms are coming to a close, the weather is getting warmer (or at least most girls are dressing like it) and the West Lawn is becoming increasingly more filled with pasty students hoping for just a touch of sun before they take off for their various destinations.

Ahh, springtime in the Rockies.

Whether you’re headed for Maui, Cancun or just the Larimer County detox center, the Collegian has a bit of advice for all CSU spring breakers:

-Wear sunscreen. This may sound cliché, but it’s true. We don’t want to add to the skin cancer statistics. Think of it this way: the higher the SPF, the cooler you are.

-Read a book for pleasure. This may sound surprising to everyone except the engineer majors, but reading can be fun when it’s not directly related to a grade. So put aside the history and English lit for good old-fashioned page-turner.

-Don’t drink and drive. No matter how close you live or how tempting that Big Mac sounds, leave the driving to someone who hasn’t been in Margaritaville since noon.

-Try something new. If you haven’t had Wendy’s Baconater, start there.

-Don’t do anything we wouldn’t do – with the exception of printing profanity on a citywide publication’s editorial page in size 150 font.

While keeping those in mind, we recommend you seize the day, see the world and live the dream – as long as “the dream” gets you back in time for class next Monday.

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