Letters to the Editor

Mar 122008

Mr. Hemenway,

I’m glad you find Obama’s statement about the strain on our military humorous.

I find it humorous that you wrote an article about no one knowing who Obama really is when it is clear that you yourself are not very informed on his position on any view –with the possible exception of his opposition of the war in Iraq.

Just because your friends cannot back up their support for Barack with anything other than liking his charisma and passion does not mean this is the case for all Obama supporters.

He in no way hides his views on important issues from the public and many people out there make a solid effort to listen to what he is saying and not just how he is saying it. I am sorry that you have chosen not to be friends with such people.

I also find it entertaining that you bash his support of gender-based income equality, hate crimes and climate change. You’re right, these issues are of no importance to our lives.

Fortunately for you, there is a candidate that strictly talks about the importance of war.

Alison Hillis

Junior, Sociology

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