Mar 112008

As the first president of the Associated Students of Colorado, Blake Gibson has, with the help of several student leaders from CSU and across the state, mobilized thousands of Colorado students to support solutions for financial issues that Gibson and others say are “bankrupting” students.

Though we sometimes forget, we at the Collegian are students as well as journalists and want to extend hearty kudos and appreciation to Gibson.

He wrote legislation that just passed the House of Representatives to lower textbook costs and spearheaded letter-writing campaigns last semester that generated over 1,000 messages from students to state lawmakers imploring them to support student interests.

He has waded through miles of bureaucracy and red tape to talk personally with politicians from all over the state, asking for attention for more state funding and lower tuition price tags.

Students have had opportunities to lobby state legislators all semester at forums that Gibson organized at the Capitol.

He frequently speaks to lawmakers and Colorado citizens in suits he “borrowed from friends” with the poise of a polished politician who can afford $1,000 outfits.

And the veterinary medicine and biomedical sciences major doesn’t even want to go into politics.

Basically, we think that’s pretty killer, and just want to congratulate the guy. Keep it up, man. You’re cool.

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