Mar 062008
Authors: Jeremy Sharpe

To answer the question proposed by Mary Ackerson in her opinion piece, “Israel: A true ally against Terror?” we need to examine all sides of the conflict in the Middle East.

Ackerson was at least partly correct. Unfortunately, recently there have been many Palestinian deaths, and yes, many young people were killed.

What Ackerson failed to mention, however, is that many of those young people were bearing arms, shooting directly at Israeli soldiers and that among them were many who passionately desire the total annihilation of the Jewish state.

Ackerson failed to mention that tens of thousands of rockets are continuously launched at sovereign Israeli soil or the scores of suicide bombers who board public buses, enter public centers such as malls, movie theaters and night clubs with the intent of randomly killing innocent people.

She also failed to mention that in the Camp David Accord — an agreement between Israel and Palestine championed by our former president Bill Clinton — Israel, in an effort to achieve peace, under the guarantees promised in writing by the former terrorist and leader of the Palestinian Liberation Organization relinquished land that was won during the 1967 invasion of the sovereign land of Israel.

Furthermore, she failed to mention that the Palestinians have been in internal turmoil since they entered into the Camp David agreement and since Israel complied with it as an act of good will.

An act of good will that gave a part of the land of Israel away; an act that no nation in the history of human kind has ever willingly done in the name of peace. Imagine giving away the western United States to Mexico.

History has proven time and again that this group of people has not been able to govern themselves peacefully because of divergent opinions of different Muslim beliefs.

So in response of Ackerson’s question, I propose a new question: How many innocent Israeli citizens must die before it is O.K. to protect the sovereign nation of Israel, a region that has been occupied — as archeological evidence proves — by the same people for 5,800 years?

The affects of war are hardly new to Israel.

In a recent CSU visit, Linda Olmert, the sister-in-law of the Israeli Prime Minister and the Director of Education and Tourism for the nation of Israel, said, “Every day, a mother sits over her newborn’s crib praying that there will not be need for a military when that child turns 18, but 18 years later that same mother says goodbye to her child as that child goes to do their duty.”

No matter how much the simple facts of this current conflict are ignored or willfully obscured by journalists and those who are ill-informed in the West, Israel is fighting to stop the bombardment of its cities and protect its people from the invasion of terrorist networks.

People must remember that this conflict is not a war of land, but a war motivated by the desire to destroy an entire race.

Whether the violence escalates — as it will be at the duress of Israel — is in the hands of terrorist networks.

To students at CSU, any action of defense may seem unwarranted. The alternative, however, is encouraging a deepening war that will cost many lives, handing victories to militant Muslims and inveterately increasing their power. Even more surely, the lack of action will tarnish any advancement against terror.

It is time to let Israel live as a free state in peace and defeat those responsible for unprovoked terrorist’s attacks. Understand that the ultimate losers are not just Jewish People, but the almost 4.7 billion people who are not extremist Muslim.

Jeremy Sharpe is a sophomore business administration major and the vice president of the Chabad Jewish Student Alliance. Letters and feedback can be sent to

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