Mar 052008
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Many magestic Fort Collins buildings are in peril and will require thousands in taxpayer dollars for proper repair.

But have no fear — the city of Fort Collins has stepped in and provided $34,000 to save these so-called landmarks.

But the Editorial Board can’t help but wonder who exactly will benefit from these expenditures.

Certainly, it’s important for Fort Collins to establish and take pride in its historical landmarks, of which it has quite a few.

Perhaps though, there are too many of these buildings that are given that special, hard-to-remove tag of “landmark,” while other, more familiar, Fort Collins institutions are being ignored.

The E.J. Gregory House doesn’t ring a bell to the average Fort Collins citizen, nor does the Rev. Joseph P. Trudel House.

If our city planners really want to acknowledge the landmarks of our town, they ought to pick out the recognizable points in Fort Collins.

The Avery House would make the cut.

Every student born-and-raised in town has probably wandered through its dry halls at least once.

But then there’s the Swetsville Zoo, a colorful place right on the outskirts of city where metal machinations roam free.

The Old Town fountain has stood proud and tall for years now, doesn’t it deserve some recognition?

And it’d be disgraceful not to recognize the 4:20 Cave off of Horsetooth for the cultural kicks it provides for our shaggy, red-eyed denizens every day of the week.

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