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Authors: Cece Wildeman

By Cece Wildeman

The Rocky Mountain Collegian

Student Media asked for a 40 cent increase in student fees for the 2008-2009 school year to pay the salary of a Web coordinator and cover additional projected costs on the broadcast side of Student Media.

The added student fee would result in an overall increase of $18,160.

Of that, $14,976 would be used to pay the professional Web coordinator that would be used universally in all departments of Student Media. The leftover money would be used to pay the salaries of student positions and benefit costs on the broadcast side of Student Media.

“I really like the idea of a Web based approach (to Student Media),” said Trevor Trout, the Chair for the Student Fee Review Board. “This is increasingly important as students are starting to use the Web more and more.”

Each department of student media also expressed their desire to see growth of their department on the Web, proving that the Web coordinator would be a valued employee.

When asking for an increase in fees, the leaders in Student Media, particularly KCSU and CTV, pointed out what they have been doing to save money.

A large portion of each staff, between 18 and 25 people, will be on work-study for the 2008-2009 year, which saves Student Media a substantial amount of money.

In addition to hiring a Web coordinator, KCSU would like to expand its transmission to include a digital signal, and CTV would like to acquire at least one High Definition camera and one HD editing system.

“We are investigating a lot of different opportunities to make that an efficient and cost effective transition,” said Josh Middleton, CTV station manager.

The SFRB will discuss Student Media’s proposal at their meeting next week.

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