Mar 032008

I am responding to the article “Researchers explore animal birth control,” by Ryan Avery in Monday’s Collegian.

Perhaps Ms. Powers and the rest of the people in charge of managing the wildlife in our national parks should reevaluate their position on game animal overpopulation in our national parks.

It seems very simple to me that the easiest most cost effective solution to the problem would not be to pay people to sterilize wildlife, but instead be to have state wildlife agencies offer limited draw hunting licenses for areas within park boundaries.

Opening national parks to big game hunting is by far the most profitable and sustainable solution to our current situation. Hunters pay hundreds for elk tags and thousands for guides when hunting in Colorado – why should we refuse to allow people to give our state money to hunt an animal that has become a nuisance?

The answer is obvious, but unfortunately for us, our country is run by a disproportionately large number of people who fear guns, mostly because they have never learned how to safely use them and assume no one else has either.

Peter Winter

Ph.D student, Cell and molecular biology

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