Yays and Nays

Mar 022008

yay| to Blanche Hughes for visiting the students in Edwards Hall last week. Don’t be jealous Parmelee, Corbett, Newsom, Braiden, Allison, Durward, Westfall, Summit and Ingersoll — we’re sure she loves you, too.

yay | to the beautiful weather on Saturday. It’s refreshing to know that if we spend a day in the park, our fingers and toes won’t fall off.

nay | to scholarship deadlines. It’s not that we’re against the application process, but do they all need to be due in the middle of midterm exams?

yay | to Girl Scout cookies. We hear they’re made with real Girl Scouts. Or possibly by them.

Nay | to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s pointless bickering in the media last week. Instead of taking out your frustration in the press, we suggest you buy a set of Sock ’em Boppers and get it over with. Last candidate standing after three rounds gets the nomination.

nay | to CSU basketball. We want so bad for you athletes to get a Yay, but you have to earn it first.

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