Mar 022008

As CSU researchers seek to maintain or reduce the population of elk that saturates Rocky Mountain National Park, reeking havoc on the ecosystem and irritating Estes Park residents, another, more destructive species continues to procreate.

Representing a much more destructive force, the human population continues to rise beyond 6.6 billion. Informational middle school videos, abstinence education and free condoms don’t seem to be doing the trick. Babies keep popping out as resources diminish.

It’s time humans put the cat back in the bag.

Perhaps the same tactics used to reduce our elk population — short of introducing sharpshooters and wolves — should be used to stop humans from spreading their seed.

It’s a step in the right direction to reducing climate change, a need for social services, chronic illness and crime to name a few.

With ortho-pills for the willing and depo-darts for the reluctant, keeping young people from creating more lives is really the only responsible thing to do. However, a lack of a defined mating season could prove to be a hurdle for any anti-baby coalition.

Therefore, more permanent or periodic contraceptive options should be considered. For instance, young men and women should be treated until, say, 35 with staggered treatments to ensure the elk don’t inherit the earth. And we mean men and women; it takes two to tango.

Of course, increased research into stopping the spread of sexually transmitted diseases will be necessary to protect the now unabated sexual youth.

So, CSU researchers, never mind the elk. They might drive out the beavers. We’re driving out everything. What’s more important?

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