Our View: Conceal and carry

Feb 272008

When Seung-Hui Cho killed 32 people before committing suicide at Virginia Tech in April, he did so with a weapon obtained with no question of legality.

When Matthew Murray killed four Colorado churchgoers before being shot multiple times by a volunteer security guard and finally killing himself, he shot bullets from three guns, each legally obtained.

When Stephen Kazmierczak shot and killed five students and wounded 17 others on the Northern Illinois University campus, he did it with four weapons from an out-of-town gun shop that had been, again, legally purchased.

Despite the heinous atrocities perpetrated by these legal purchases, we at the Collegian believe people still have the right to own and carry a concealed weapon — allowed on campus per CSU policy — as long as the gun holder has gone through the process required to obtain a concealed weapons permit.

If a person has the qualifications to carry a weapon they feel will protect them, we say more power to them.

The process of obtaining a concealed weapons permit is much more rigorous than that of simply buying a gun – one has to endure an arduous application process, complete with a full background check and psychological evaluation.

The shooters in each case were clearly mentally troubled and would not be able to attain a concealed weapons permit.

We say if you’re sane and abstain from bringing the gun into the residence halls, carry a gun on campus.

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