Props to Senate Republicans

Feb 262008
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

The Collegian Editorial Board believes in giving credit where credit is due. For that reason, we would like to give props to Senate Republicans for agreeing to open up the floor for debate on the war in Iraq.

On Monday, the Senate voted 70-24 to begin debating on a measure proposed by Democratic Sen. Russ Feingold of Wisconsin and Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada that would cut off funding to the Iraq war 120 days after passage.

Republicans have been blocking similar measures for months, but after a private meeting agreed, in the wake of the success of last summer’s troop surge as well as overall better security conditions within Iraq, the time was right to open the floor for debate in the Senate.

The measure could be up for debate as soon as the end of the week, but voting is expected by many to be delayed until next week.

Republicans have attributed their unlikely change of heart to a desire to “hail progress in Iraq.”

Whatever their reasoning, this is a good move.

Enough time has elapsed and too many lives in Iraq have been lost during the months in which there has been no debate on the Senate floor. It is almost certain that the two sides will not come to a consensus in a week, but at least they are talking.

Real solutions will take time and compromise. Hopefully, the talks that will come about as a result of this gesture of good faith by the Republicans will achieve what both talks want out of Iraq — victory.

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