Feb 262008
Authors: Kayla Huddleston

Throughout the semester, the Career Center will offer opportunities for students to meet and network with possible future employees on the Front Range. The series was started to expand student awareness of the range of career opportunities available through respective majors.

Students first took the opportunity to explore different majors, professions and internships on Friday.

Attendees were able to tour facilities at Burns Marketing, the Colorado Eagles and Target to get a better understanding of different business and networking opportunities.

“The employers we visited were meant to offer a broad range of careers, to appeal to a variety of students,” said Susan LeBlanc, generalist career counselor with the Career Center. “We also chose employers based on the relationships that they have with CSU and the students here [as well as] their history of hiring CSU students for internships and full-time positions.”

Students learned about skills and experiences employers are looking for, discovered available internships and got an inside perspective on different industries.

“The intent behind these programs is to get students to start thinking about careers and internships earlier in college, particularly focusing on first and second year students who are open option,” LeBlanc said. “By visiting employers on-site, we hope to give students insiders prospective of different careers, to assist them in the process of deciding on a major and/or a career path.”

She hopes in the future the program will involve a broader range of specific interests that appeal to a broader range of employment opportunities.

Road trips focusing on a natural resource career is planned for Apr. 3 and a spotlight on an engineering or technology career for Apr. 30.

“Our hope is to expand this program for future semesters that will focus on other career areas as well,” LeBlanc said.

Transportation and a free lunch was offered for 20 students, but due to last minute cancellations only six were able to attend.

“We still had a great time, and I believe all of the students who attended will look at applying for internships with the employers we visited,” LeBlanc said. “The employers all had great information to share regarding internships and how to succeed in different careers, including tips for applying. We were also able to tour each of the companies, which was great to help get a feel for what it would be like to work for these agencies.”

Any students who are unable to attend the trips are welcome to make an appointment with one of the Career Counselors to talk about career directions, internships and job opportunities.

“We hope that the Career Road Trip series will also help encourage students to set up their own visits with companies,” LeBlanc said. “Informational interviewing and job shadowing are great ways to learn about organizations and if a career would be a good fit for you.”

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