Feb 252008

Ralph Nader is a 74-year-old version of the action-bolt assassin from “No Country for Old Men” – an ugly jerk who won’t go away, but who is still more inspiring than any other candidate.

Can you, just for a moment, imagine a country under Nader’s rule?

With smiles on every face, we’d rise each morning to a cold bowl of our daily ration of whole-grain oatmeal before attending our mandatory Pilates session; obese Americans would either shape up or starve out.

Then, we’d get in our road bikes (made of biodegradable cornstarch) and go to work at our job at the sun panel factory/wheat field. After work, we’d go home to our sheds and rest in our cots, dreaming of our glorious leader who finally set us free from our lives of drudgery.

And yet, the Democrats stand against this future.

They say Nader will ruin everything; that he will steal votes from their candidate, ultimately bungling their campaign and give the Republicans the presidency as he did way back in 2000.

But rather than attacking the threat head on, the Democratic front-runners have chosen to attack one another.

If the Democrats are serious about winning this election, they need to stop fighting among themselves and start focusing on the mistakes of the past, or we could very well be eating granola with a president more ancient than John McCain.

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