Yays and Nays

Feb 242008

Yay to CSU professor Brian Jones and the Little Shop of Physics. We still don’t understand how most of the world works, but thanks to you, we can at least fake it to our friends.

Yay to the release of Jack Black and Mos Def’s “Be Kind: Rewind.” If we ever find the time, check back for Collegian Editorial Board remakes of the entire Kevin Costner filmography.

Yay to Ralph Nader. Everyone’s favorite consumer advocate is running for president for the fifth time, and we can’t wait to celebrate his fifth consecutive loss come November.

Nay to the Pine Beetle epidemic. Couldn’t you little bugs eat something less cool, like Ugg boots or Mike Huckabee’s bass guitar?

Nay to the Serbian protesters that broke into the U.S. Embassy in Belgrade. They are just lucky John Rambo wasn’t there.

Yay to Kosovo for declaring dependence from Russia last week. Oops .

Nay to CSU Bball. Men and women, close, but no cigar. You almost had a good headline.

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