Ram Talk

Feb 202008

Everyone should check out PIKE’s first YouTube video: “My New Haircut.”

To the two people discussing real cowboys: Real cowboys ride horses and make their own music.

Ian Brown, I’m a big fan of your comic. Also, I have a sweet beard and a foot fetish. I think I would be a perfect character for your strip.

To all the girls who hate on the tights/Uggs combo and say hair poofs are lame: that’s not what you boyfriend said …

To answer the question from a few days back: a blind person on acid can only hear colors…

To the girl in the green striped shirt at the Sundance Friday, I now have a pair so we should dance this Friday.

To the flirtatious redneck in my History 170 class: poke me in the side one more time and I’ll shove your finger in your eye.

The ‘College of Snowriders’ accepts the challenge of the keg race and guarantees victory. Afterwards, play king of the mountain and win that too … do we have a deal?

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