Feb 202008
Authors: Shannon Hurley

Following hours of intense debate, student government passed a bill endorsing a proposed expansion of the Student Recreation Center, with a 19-2-1 vote Wednesday night during their Senate meeting.

The endorsement was made “with reservations,” however, as members of the Senate were not completely comfortable with the proposed project plan, citing lack of transparency and alternatives as the key influences on their decision-making.

Liberal Arts Sen. Byron Moore acknowledged that despite his uncertainties, student feedback demonstrated that the expansion was supported by his constituents.

“Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to nail this thing right now,” Moore said, “I’d like to kill it. But I represent a bunch of people in Liberal Arts who want it so I have to say yes to it . It’s our duty as elected representatives.”

Graduate School Sen. Sage Morris-Greene voiced concern over the university’s image as the $32 million expansion would take place while academic buildings not supported by student fees suffered.

“It does make it look like academics is not our highest priority because our highest priority is increasing recreation for students,” Morris-Greene said. “That is the message that could potentially come out of this.”

Natural Sciences Sen. C.J. English explained that the expansion was an investment in the institution and for the CSU community.

“This is something we have the ability to change,” English said.

Planning ahead for current and future students as efficiently and budget-friendly as possible was a major consideration for the senators during last night’s vote. The rising cost of construction and concern over the current facility’s needed repairs also played a role in their ultimate decision.

The bill will undergo a second vote at next Wednesday’s ASCSU Senate Meeting.

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