Feb 182008

Students may soon be looking for another reason to celebrate on weekends.

Currently, the Colorado Senate Finance Committee is considering a bill that would repeal the ban of liquor sales on Sunday in our fair state, a measure that is likely to pass now that a rival bill that would have allowed beer sales in grocery stores was defeated in committee on Thursday.

If all goes well, the traditional one-day lag between weekly binges could become a thing of the past, but drunken college students will not be the only ones to benefit.

Liquor stores would be freed to a significant obstacle to maximizing profit, as they would be given the extra day to draw in profits.

This would be especially significant for local liquor stores losing money to rival shops in Wyoming that do not have the Sunday ban.

In addition, the law would be a big money maker for the state of Colorado, as it would likely see an influx of sin tax revenue on Sundays as a result of the increased sales.

In the face of these potential benefits, we feel it would be irresponsible for the state to continue to uphold such an antiquated law.

If people want to drink on Sundays, the state has no right to tell them they aren’t allowed to.

We have faith the legislators in Denver will make the right decision.

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