Feb 102008

If you’re a CSU student reading this editorial, chances are you’re white.

If you’re in class, take a look to your left, and then your right. Chances are your neighbors are white, too.

In fact, 87 percent of the CSU student body is white. The other 13 percent represents Black, Hispanic, Asian American and Native American students, according to the university’s 2007-2008 Fact Book.

To put this in perspective, consider the diversity breakdown of Colorado — about 82 percent white — and then Fort Collins — about 90 percent white. From these numbers, some would argue that CSU is representative of the community, maybe even more diverse.

But going back as to the 1994-1995 Fact Book — the earliest Fact Book available online — shows the university has made little real progress in diversifying campus, despite assertions from administration that diversity on campus is a priority. In 1994, the student body was also 87 percent white. In more than 14 years, the university, according to its statistics, has failed to bring a diversity of students, and therefore perspectives, to campus.

To be fair, the numbers are about the same for CU-Boulder, a peer institution.

Now, great things can be said about goals outlined by administration, progress in advocacy groups on campus and the various diversity recruitment and retention programs on campus. However, for various reasons, the raw numbers have yet to reflect those efforts.

CSU, as an institution of higher learning, should pick up its efforts to bring more culturally diverse students and professors to campus and the Fort Collins community.

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