Feb 102008
Authors: Byron Moore

ASCSU has been working hard since the beginning of the semester to address issues that affect our daily lives as students. Here’s a rundown of what we’re doing.

The Morgan Library is easily the most universal study space and resource for students on the CSU campus. However, its closing time has long been considered too limited. The current Library hours do not service a multitude of diverse schedules. This year, ASCSU has been taking steps to address this issue.

Earlier in the year we passed legislation encouraging the library to re-examine their current hours and consider suggestions for library hour extension. This legislation was forwarded on to the Dean of Libraries.

This semester, we officially met with the Dean of Libraries for a follow-up meeting. A proposal is nearly finished regarding the specific requirements of extending the library’s operating hours.

The library is currently assessing the most financially and logistically feasible way to extend library hours. Currently we are waiting on solid figures from the library so that we can proceed from there. We were glad to see that the library has been working toward a solution.

It is in the students’ interest that we exercise as much responsibility as possible with student resources, and we will continue to investigate the best solution for extending library hours.

In other news, the Associated Students of Colorado held a rally for cheaper textbooks on Friday. During the rally, ASCSU members visited the capitol to help the ASC with the lobby for affordable textbooks. A bill, the “College Textbooks Affordability Act,” is currently working its way through the state senate.

The bill addresses the issue of textbook affordability, and is making progress, but has a long way to go.

The “College Textbooks Affordability Act” seeks to bring transparency to the textbook market by making textbook publishers disclose the price of the book to professors, the revisions they made to the edition and how long they will keep the book on the market.

The bill also requires that publishers who bundle textbooks offer packages that allow students to buy the book and the individual add-ons separately. During a hearing on the bill Friday, several students spoke about how the high cost of textbooks has affected their college experience.

The bill passed through the Senate Education Committee with a 100 percent vote and will now move in to the committee of the whole.

The passage of this bill would be a victory for students over market forces and would keep more money in our pockets during the start of each semester.

Right now, we strongly urge every student concerned about the price of their textbooks to contact the following people and voice your support:

Blake Gibson, ASC Chair: chair@costudents.org

State Senator Ron Tupa: ron.tupa.senate@state.co.us

State Representative John Kefalas: john.kefalas.house@state.co.us

Or visit www.ASCSU.Colostate.edu to contact your College Senator, or to learn more about what we can do to make text books more affordable.

Finally, congratulations for RamRide are in order. The program recently delivered rider number 60,000 safely home.

Congratulations RamRide for all your hard work and successful efforts. Thank you for being there and here’s to hoping that we never take you for granted.

If there is an issue you’d like to see us tackle, feel free to shoot us your opinion at csuvoice@gmail.com. You can also stop by the ASCSU office in LSC 109, or write on our new board by the door.

Byron Moore is a senior political science major and is the ASCSU Senate media liaison. ASCSU’s column appears biweekly Mondays in the Collegian. Letters and feedback can be sent to letters@collegian.com.

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