LTTE: Cooking advice

Feb 072008

Dear Editor:

I would like to bring to your readers’ attention that Thursday’s (2-7-08) recipe for an easy omelet might be the best way for easy clean up, but not for the best product.

First, it takes 10 minutes to boil water, and this recipe says put the egg mixture in for 10-15 minutes. A total of 25 minutes.

It takes 5 minutes in a pan.

Ten minutes of cooking will most likely give you overly firm eggs.

Also, zip-closing bags are not recommended for cooking. Boil in bags and bake in bag products are, but some research claims that cooking in storage bags can release toxins in to your food that may be carcinogenic.

So, if you are planning on making an omelet, use a pan, since you have to clean a pot anyway.

Having your omelet done to perfection and without chemical additions is a good thing.

In conclusion, these ingredients are good, why ruin them with poor cooking methods just to save a little clean up.

Rev. Dr. Leonard “Chef Boots” Jaffee

Newsom Dining Center

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