Feb 062008
Authors: Jeff Penoyer

I was quite discouraged by the ignorance of the article on Feb. 6: “Would everyone shut up about Ron Paul.”

The author claims to “ardently support political involvement,” yet he is bashing anyone that shares the political views of Dr. Paul. Political involvement apparently must mean stereotypical politics.

The author, it seems, like much of America right now, wants change without changing anything.

The candidates that are true proponents of change are labeled as extreme. It’s sad that this country can only see what the media shows it.

In response to the attack on Dr. Paul’s constitutional convictions:

If you were a scholar of the constitution, you would know that it is not Article XVI, but Amendment XVI, and you would also know that the necessary three-fourths of the states never ratified that particular amendment — thus the government has no right to tax the income of its citizens.

Do your research, and form educated opinions.

Jeff Penoyer

Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering

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