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Authors: Cece Wildeman

A group of about 15 people gathered Thursday in Room 230 of the Lory Student Center to learn more about what they can do to offset global climate change.

The event was part of the second, and final, day of the Focus the Nation event on global climate change.

The program, titled “Student Activisim,”included a panel of 10 students who researched ways in which humans can change their consumption habits to offset global climate change.

Fair Advocates for Cultural Truth, a new club at CSU, discussed the difference between fair trade and free trade.

They advocated for fair trade because it helps to eliminate corrupt production methods, they said.

Producing goods for fair trade cuts down on pesticides, water depletion and carbon dioxide emissions from both production and transportation of products, the group said.

Steven Smeal, a freshman chemistry major who attended the program, brought up the issue of the increased cost for consumers that comes with fair trade.

“What are we saving?” answered Alicia Berry-Chaney, who is part of the Focus the Nation planning committee. “We’re saving a dollar, but destroying the place we live.”

FACT members said they believe the world needs more sustainable production, which will be better for the environment and, therefore, cut down on global climate change. They told the audience that people need to realize that humans around the globe are interconnected and that everyone’s actions affect everyone else.

Although Focus the Nation came to a close Thursday night, event organizers hope to bring more awareness and activism to CSU and Fort Collins regarding global climate change.

The group hopes to bring speakers to CSU throughout the semester as well as organize a series of lectures for the 2008-2009 school year.

“We have so many people on campus and in the community that are very knowledgeable on the subject,” said Sue Ellen Campbell, an English professor and event organizer. “They are all willing to volunteer their time. We’re just organizing it.”

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