Jan 282008

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HEAD: Expansion to the student rec is long overdue

Sure, making renovations to the Student Recreation Center would add to that oh-by-the-way tax the University tacks on every student’s tuition known as our student fees.

But for those against Campus Recreation’s proposal, which will be presented Wednesday to ASCSU, quit your whining.

The $32 million expansion would put everyone back an entire $30 extra per semester.

To put that amount in context, taking Piano Class I will set you back more in extra fees.

To us, the increase is a small price to pay for some much-needed renovations. As it is now, everything seems to be overcrowded: the basketball courts, weight room and lockers.

But with the proposed additions, waiting your turn to get that blood pumping will no longer be a problem. Plus, a climbing wall would be added. How cool would that be?

Everyone knows the value of daily exercise. And if you don’t, take a health and wellness class, and we’re sure you’ll change your mind.

Therefore, having a state-of-the-art recreation center on campus is not only convenient, but also necessary in order for us 20-somethings to form the healthy habits that will last far beyond the knowledge we gain from any lecture or textbook.

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