Jan 282008
Authors: Cece Wildeman

Excitement is in the air for a small group of CSU faculty and students as they prepare to put on Focus the Nation on Climate Change, a nation-wide teach-in committed to raising awareness and working solutions on the issue of global warming. The CSU chapter is one of over 1,600 institutions involved in the national event.

The event will take place on Jan. 30 and the 31 in the Lory Student Center, featuring a variety of programs addressing climate change. Students will have the chance to calculate their personal carbon footprint, view a national Web cast and learn more about the science of global warming and how it is affecting the human race.

“This program draws on the amazing strengths CSU has to deal with this problem,” said John Calderazzo, an English professor who has been involved in planning.

This event has been in the works since last semester, and the small planning group, about 10 students and faculty members, say they’ve run into a few challenges.

Winter break has interrupted the planning, which Calderazzo said presented a small challenge, but was easy to overcome, due to the dedication of those involved.

“The student response has been one of the nicest things to see, the most gratifying,” Calderazzo said.

The group was also challenged in bringing all the different CSU departments together and deciding what programs to include in the event, said Krista Martinez, a junior majoring in ethnic studies, art history and sociology, and is involved in planning the event. Things have been coming together smoothly, she said.

“CSU kind of has a hold on (the problem of global warming), but we just need to take a step further,” she said.

Members of the group said they don’t know what to expect as far as event attendance, but they think they have done a good job advertising the event.

“We want anybody who’s curious to come out and get a sense of the tremendous energy and talent at CSU and in people who are doing research about what is really the biggest environmental challenge we face,” Calderazzo said.

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