Jan 272008
Authors: ASCSU Senate

Toward the end of last year, the Associated Students of Colorado State University Senate adapted the Senator Outreach Program, a program created for senators, giving structure to their connection with students on a personal and professional level.

This program publicizes the Senate and ASCSU as a whole, increases Senate access to students directly so they can voice their concerns, gives Senate ideas for impacting legislation, increases awareness that a student government exists and anyone on campus can get involved with ASCSU.

We as Senate feel this type of program is fundamental to understanding student issues and concerns at Colorado State University.

The program, in theory, is designed to work in a few ways.

First, senators can go out onto the plaza or around campus to poll students about pertinent issues by asking what students would like to see changed on campus, what ASCSU should or should not be doing more or less of on campus and what issues matter to them. In this way, senators can gain a greater understanding of the ever-evolving needs of students.

Second, senators research and gather data pertinent to students and university issues for ASCSU. Administrative, facilities and student meetings are just one method employed to obtain student opinion

Further, a senator can carry out the Senator Outreach Program by meeting with a student organization or group, along with conducting student voice surveys to get a more diverse view of the student’s opinion.

In conjunction with Senator Outreach, this column-which will run bi-weekly in the Collegian-will serve as a way for students to stay informed about what matters to the ASCSU Senate.

The ASCSU Senate would now like to take this opportunity to address recent events involving the potential partnership at the Collegian.

It is important to remember that there has not been any official proposal made by Gannett for the Collegian; therefore, we must remain calm and rational until we get further information. At this time, the ASCSU Senate does not have enough information to take a firm stand on the issue, but rest assured that the ASCSU is researching all sides of the matter, and that the goal is to reach a decision that supports all students at CSU.

Understandably, many of us are angered by any potential sale of the Collegian, and we should make our opinion on the matter clear to those who will eventually make any decisions. As this process moves forward, we will strive to make sure that the voice of our fellow students is not ignored.

Immediately after this week’s events, many students have voiced concern but also confusion over the series of events around these events. Here are two of the most common questions we have received and, to the best of our ability, the answers.

Q: “How do we hold Penley accountable for taking actions on behalf of CSU and its departments without conferring with said department?”

A: We are trying to remind Penley of his position as it relates to students through our own legislation. We would like to think that Penley found student presence unnecessary given the nature of the preliminary meeting and would hope that his intention was to include members of student media as these talks progressed.

Q: “Why wasn’t a student media representative at this meeting?”

A: Honestly, we don’t know, and Dr. Penley hasn’t made any official comment on the matter yet.

Hopefully, these were satisfactory answers to these questions, even if they may have been brief. We appreciate your feedback.

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