Jan 242008

Not everything is worth fighting for.

Earlier classes, more expensive textbooks and Newsom’s cafeteria food are all good examples.

But a large group of confused freshmen are protesting to “save” their beloved dining hall from facing its inevitable destruction in preparation for something new.

And trust us, anything different from Newsom would be an improvement.

From soggy eggs soaked in liquid margarine for breakfast to the unidentified, freeze-dried meat (or is it?) for dinner, it’s clear that as far as CSU dining is considered, Newsom has no where to go but up.

So bring on the wrecking ball.

Imagine a world where the salad bar was cold, the desserts weren’t surrounded by flies and you wouldn’t get sick from eating the special.

Yes kids, it could be this good.

We believe the destruction of Newsom’s dining hall is long overdue. There is no shortage of cafeterias on campus, and the construction of its replacement in the Academic Village leaves the possibility that there will be a building on campus that isn’t reminiscent of the mistake commonly called the 80s.

So get back to your Facebook or schemes to get alcohol past your RAs, and leave the picketing to those of us who’ve been around here a little longer.

Just because you’re honors and engineering kids doesn’t mean you can’t walk across campus.

And with all that dorm food, a little exercise might actually be good for you.

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