Letters to the Editor

Jan 242008

I’m appalled that the University would be considering handing the Collegian over to the “Colora-” (sic).

Normally, after such a glaring error on the front-page headline, I might consider a Coloradoan takeover a positive step.

However, I’ve read said publication on a regular basis for several years, and their editing and grammatical abilities are, in fact, even WORSE than those of the Collegian’s staff.

All mudslinging aside, it is vital that any large institution of higher learning have an independent, student-run news source to voice student issues, free from corporate and administration editorial rule.

If Gannett is allowed to purchase the Collegian, I’ll be first in line to support any group of students seeking to create an independent student voice on CSU’s campus.

Sean Dailey

Senior, Biochemistry

I read about the trashing of the Borders Lodge in Beaver Creek by some of CSU’s finest. I hope they get they book thrown at them.

Another myth is exploded: College fraternities cause more problems then their supposed benefits.

Weed the problem at the root. Boot em all.

Paul Muller

San Francisco, CA

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