A new challenge for Penley

Jan 232008

The Associated Students of CSU welcomed Blanche Hughes, vice president of Student Affairs, to the senate chambers floor Wednesday to discuss with students Penley’s consideration of a proposal from Gannett as to a possible takeover of the Collegian.

While it was refreshing to see a friendly, communicative voice from a notoriously under-the-radar administration, it was obvious Dr. Hughes, accompanied by Anne Hudgens, executive director of Student Affairs, had little to no direction.

Her presentation — a series of “I don’t knows” and ambiguities — did relieve some of the tension, however. Dr. Hughes promised ASCSU and Student Media leaders a spot on a new “advisory group” charged with reviewing any proposals of a change in governance of the Collegian — Penley’s damage control.

Technically, Dr. Hughes oversees Student Media, as it lies under the Student Affairs umbrella, but it became clear in her presentation last night — she’s been thrown a hot potato.

A smart ASCSU senator asked who owns the Collegian, to which she responded, “Um, I don’t know.”

Penley’s rubbing elbows with corporate media, and his administration has yet to answer the most fundamental of questions. Penley would have opened up dialogue before hosting closed-door meetings if he truly cared about the student voice.

To this, his administration says a strong relationship with the Coloradoan warranted a private meeting. Is your relationship with Gannett really more important than that of students?

We’re game to talk. We’ll be on campus, paying your salary.

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