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Authors: Heidi Reitmeier

Construction will continue as planned on the Academic Village Dining Commons after a fire created damaged a Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) unit December 5 last year.

An electrician spotted the fire early that morning on the roof of the Dining Commons building. The HVAC unit was severely damaged and required replacement.

“The fire was limited to the HVAC unit so there will be no delay to the opening of the Dining Commons,” said Tonie Miyamoto, director for communications for Housing and Dining. “The ducts were also cleaned to remove any residual smoke.”

Diversified Builders, a subcontractor of Whiting-Turner, will be replacing and covering the cost of the HVAC unit, which is estimated at a cost of $240,000. However, the repair price tag has not yet been confirmed, as costs still require approval by the construction company’s insurance.

“Since the Dining Commons is still considered a job site, the construction company is responsible for any damages done to the building while construction is still underway,” Miyamoto said.

The new HVAC unit will be replaced in early March, and will replace one of the two HVAC units used to ventilate the building.

The fire has not delayed construction for the first floor of the Dining Commons, located in the Academic Village Complex. The floor is still scheduled to open Spring Break. The first floor, which includes the dining services, student mailboxes and the convenience store, will run on the undamaged HVAC unit.

The second floor of the building will open in May for the Summer Conference, and will require the replacement of the damaged HVAC unit for ventilation, Miyamoto says.

The cause of the fire continues to be investigated.

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