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CSU President Larry Penley shocked student leaders, staff and faculty Tuesday when the Collegian got wind of a meeting with the Coloradoan — a Gannett company — and his office.

Without ever attempting to talk to anyone outside his office, including our student government, he met to discuss the sale of the Collegian, the only student-run daily in the state.

While Penley met with leaders of our local media scourge, Student Media staff sat outside, wondering what would become of the newspaper that’s served CSU for 117 years.

The stories we’ve heard are scary and conflicting. Minutes prior to the meeting, Penley told J. David McSwane, editor in chief, that he was simply accepting a meeting with the editor and publisher of the Coloradoan — a friendly chat, if you will. We were told minutes later by Brad Bohlander, a CSU spokesperson, that it was a preliminary meeting to discuss a “strategic partnership” between the university and the Coloradoan. And later, an e-mail from Greg Luft, chair of the journalism department, detailed that the Coloradoan planned a takeover per his discussion with Coloradoan Editor Bob Moore.

Amid the secrecy, mistruths and rumors, one thing is certain: To our president, a businessman by trade, the CSU student voice has a price. And it’s a dish best served mum, in the final hour and while students are still trying to find their classes.

Dr. Penley, you’ve been at CSU since 2003. We’ve been at CSU since 1891. Well, technically, we were at the Colorado Agricultural College (CAC), Colorado A&M and then CSU, but let’s not split hairs.

Every day for more than a century, CSU students find news, analysis, entertainment and a forum for discourse in our pages.

The Collegian is not for sale, not interested in a “strategic partnership,” a one-night stand or any other form of fraternization with corporate media. We prefer independence, and we’ll fight for it.

We’re students, representing students, working for students. Who do you work for?

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