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Jan 032008
Authors: Erik Myers

You didn’t need any one to tell you how this statewide battle would end up.

No reporters from CNN, the New York Times, or even any of us here at the Collegian were really necessary in reporting this event. If you, the reader, took to the streets of any of the other mass of towns and cities around this state in the past five days, you would see that two specific candidates were poised to take the caucuses, and no polls or analysis would’ve been able to tell you that. People will tell you what they see when they look at candidates and when they look at the issues and you will hear different responses and points-of-views but you will see that only Huckabee and Obama truly represent the political philosophies behind their parties: Obama is all about energized change, something different, while Huckabee is a man of true Christian morals and as such strong foundations.

There are a couple of aspects/questions to consider as we evaluate the results of these caucuses:

-Has Giuliani fucked himself over?

As much as he’d like to pretend otherwise, coming sixth in Iowa simply says that a large quantity of the party does not condone him for 1) his character and 2) his questionable stances on issues of gay marriage and, more importantly, abortion. Huckabee may not appear to be as strong a leader as the former NY mayor, but that just doesn’t matter anymore: Giuliani has taken a step back, and is being quickly swallowed up by Huckabee’s shadow.

-How much does experience matter?

Do the American people really value experience as much as you might hear? I’m not so sure anymore. Many people say they value experience, but Obama seems like the kind of candidate who is wise beyond his few years as Senator. At least, he comes off as such; watching him speak the issues. And the final results raise that question. This reporter is not so sure what the answer is.

-Will Obama and Huckabee win their ticket? Can they win the presidency?

While its difficult to see exactly how the next month will unfold, both candidates have the strong potential to take their ticket, but should they both make it to the next level, only one will be able to get to win it: Obama.

Democrats backing Clinton, Edwards, and other Democratic candidates will often unite behind the same argument: Obama has promise, but is without the experience. After eight years under what truly was one of the most failed and despised presidencies the country has ever seen, very few Democrats will be willing to seriously consider a strong Baptist/former preacher who isn’t afraid to include God and his message in his campaign. Same goes for independents, and Obama has a considerable following when it comes to independent voters, so the pundits have noticed. Also, the Republican Party is been split at much more significant percentages than the Dems; would Ron Paul supporters be willing to give Huckabee the benefit of the doubt? Maybe, but don’t be surprised if a third party candidate is responsible for pulling a “Nader” and steal votes from Huckabee.

Most college students will be voting in their first presidental election this year; and its an exciting election to be a part of. But before hitting the booths, studnts ought to remember to research the issues, the candidates, and their own situations (so as to become fully aware of how their vote can affect them.) Support who you want; do not let Iowa results change your perspective. Vote for the man and woman you find to be the best president, not the best candidate.

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