Dec 092007

“Not So Fast”

I disagree with Will Nelson’s rather simplistic criticism of President Penley taking time to implement background checks for University employees in Mr. Nelson’s letter to the editor on Dec. 7.

Perhaps it is Mr. Nelson’s freshman naiveté. He concludes, “let’s get things together and get this done.”

Hold on just a minute. I, for one, would like to know just what these background checks are all about, who administers them and who decides on what action is or is not taken before we rush right in. We might all agree that a convicted felony sex offender shouldn’t be hired by the University, but what about other situations?

What if a person was busted for pot possession or maybe a DUI when they were 18 years old, but now they are 38 and looking for a job. Should they be denied employment at CSU?

What about someone who was charged with a crime, went to trial, but was not convicted? If this showed up on their “background check,” should it be grounds to deny them employment for the

rest of their life? Who decides?

Also, there are different employment situations to consider. Should the same standards be applied to a janitor as those applied to a person in charge of the day care center?

I appreciate President Penley taking time to carefully consider all of the ramifications before instituting campus wide background checks. And I would hope ASCSU would do the same if, in fact, they are involved in the process.

Jonathan Zeif

CSU Alumnus

The C- grade, to many students at Colorado State University, represents a semester worth of failure even though many others recognize it as a low, but acceptable grade.

Although I agree that the grade received by a student should be earned and at the discretion of the teacher, this one hyphen on the report card is an unfair inconsistency in the University’s grading policies.

While the article “So Long to C-” mentions the fact that if two students earn the same percentage grade in the same class but different sections, they might receive different GPAs, they left out the part that makes the C- a much more foreboding mark. In some

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