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Dec 062007

Although I wouldn’t say that having advertisements in a college newspaper for pornography is offensive, I would at least argue its level of low appeal.

If CSU wants to have a newspaper that informs and grabs people’s attention, then don’t have a headline about a man being charged with sex assault and then advocate sexually related things in advertisements and RamTalk.

The idea that we can’t say F***, but mention a girl peeing on a hoodie, a couple making out on the job and a girl groping a guy in public speaks hypocrisy for it only indicates how CSU doesn’t know where it stands on issues and appropriate printing.

I am not offended by the printed words that have appeared lately, but I would ask that if The Collegian wishes to be taken seriously, then their newspaper should distribute knowledge, information and entertainment: not innuendo, low-level narcissistic approaches that only the pre-pubescent culture of the American society attracts towards.

And if that doesn’t work, then why not write things in RamTalk discussing a person who defecated in the shower stall, or gave crabs to people in the dorms? Hey, it isn’t any different than what I’m reading in the section right now.

Eric Fulcher

Freshman, history major

In Thursday’s article about the CSU employee that has been charged with sexual assault, President Penley was quoted as saying that the University has been working hard for “several months” to make background checks for all University employees mandatory.

Perhaps I just don’t know the ins and outs of the whole thing, but it seems that this wouldn’t be a very difficult task to accomplish.

It is disturbing that, in a world where background checks are standard for nearly all jobs, a public university can’t seem to make it mandatory. It wouldn’t take much to make that the standard, and it is puzzling that it wasn’t already the standard for an occupation which involves so much interaction with other people, particularly young women.

How hard would it be to just sign off on that rule? It doesn’t seem like much of a political correctness issue, and I have a hard time believing that ASCSU wouldn’t unanimously pass that measure if that is what needs to be done.

Let’s get things together and get this done.

Will Nelson

Freshman, Agricultural Education major

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